The story behind our new logo

In 2010,  we were 6 years old and we started a mission to transform Integra from “good to great”. A few of the steps towards this was empowerment of our staff and implementation of “profit sharing” initiative that would significantly benefit all our hard working people. 2 years down the line, the transformation is truly on.

We needed a new logo to represent and symbolize our transformation from “good to great”. The new logo had to be meaningful, attractive and should represent our business, our values and culture. How to create one and what should be the new logo?

What should be our new logo?
We knew what we wanted for a logo. Something classic, yet modern. Something that represents our tradition, yet futuristic. Something that talks about our values, yet is international. We wanted something truly “unique”.

Who should/how to design the new logo?
We tried several designs with our in-house designers and a few designers across India. Though some of them were very good, none of them we found none too satisfactory and hence decided to take the task international. We announced an online competition for designers all around the world.

We gave the guidelines, our company ethos and values. We announced a cash prize for the winning design. The competition attracted a lot of great designers. The response was overwhelming. We received about 500 entries. We shortlisted about 10 of them and gave further suggestions to improve them. We narrowed it down to 5 then 3. Finally we chose the winner by method of elimination.

Who created our new logo?
A designer from Serbia, Ludibes. He deserves a special applause for designing a classical yet futuristic logo for Integra.

What is the meaning of our logo?
The shape and colours represent several meanings.

The logo represents the globe. Integra is a truly global company serving clients across multiple countries and continents. In the middle of the globe, there is an “i” (in blue) that represents “Integrity” which is the most cherished value at “Integra”.

The colours on the logo represent the following:

  • Blue: Ocean. The depth of knowledge of our people is like an ocean
  • Orange: Sun. We have the burning quest to help our clients in every possible way
  • Green: Earth (ground). Whatever heights we reach, we will stay humble and down to earth

“Hidden” insights:

  • This logo represent the “Pancha bootha”, the 5 elements, which is essential for life on earth. (1. Water 2. Earth 3. Fire 4. Air 5.Space)
  • The colours green, white, blue and orange closely resembles colours of the Indian national flag

The new logo symbolizes our transformation from “good to great”. The transformation is made possible because of all our hard working, sincere and remarkable people. This is the story behind our logo.

Aravind Kumar

Aravind co-founded Integra and manages the company’s operations from its global delivery center in Coimbatore, India. He is the brain behind the company's IT strategies and infrastructure. His knowledge and experience working with large corporations such as Yahoo India, Rediff, and Honda prove to be instrumental to the company’s progress. He would be able to help you with your business troubles too! Drop him a line or two!

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