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Customer support and call center

We use unique psychological techniques for customer care to achieve phenomenal customer satisfaction. Try us and you will see the difference.

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Web software development

Would you like custom web software developed for your company? We design and develop custom web software applications on a budget.

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Bookkeeping and accounting

Do you spend a lot of time in your bookkeeping and accounting tasks? You can outsource your bookkeeping to our experienced accounting professionals.

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Social media marketing

Do you want to get more business through social media? We can help you generate leads via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

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Quantity take off / Estimation

Are you looking for accurate take off estimators? Our qualified estimators are known for accuracy and on time delivery

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Virtual assistants

Are you looking for accurate take off estimators? Our qualified estimators are known for accuracy and on time delivery

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Graphic and web design

Would you like your design to portray you better than your competitors? We can help you get this professional impression at an easily affordable price.

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Data entry and data processing

Our data entry employees are remarkably quick while maintaining high accuracy. Give us a try and you will be happy with the results.

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Medical coding and billing

Need certified medical coding and experienced medical billing professionals? Our staff have many years of experience across a wide variety of specialties.

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Edwin Gray, Buckinghamshire, UK

I use Integra for my bookkeeping, customer care and web related work. They are thoroughly professional in each area of their service and they keep surprising me every day. I strongly recommend Integra.

James Hateley, Austin, USA

I thought outsourcing is just for big companies and not for struggling small businesses. Though we were struggling, it wasn't because of want of effort or cashflow, but because of shortage of specialist skills. We got those skills from Integra.

Mark Peasley, Accountant

I have been discussing outsourcing with my partners for the past few years. But, all were concerned about communicating with a company thousands of miles away. Finally, we gave it a try. We all were silently convinced that it will not work.

Dennis Laur, Physician

It took time in establishing trust, and I have checked with many references before I started using Integra. Now, I would be glad to give a glowing reference for Integra. What I like most about them is their prompt service.

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