5 essential website elements for a successful AdWords marketing campaign


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” – old English proverb

When you run AdWords pay per click marketing campaign you can get the potential customer to your website. But, can you make them buy (or sign up)?

This is a huge challenge faced by pay per click marketers.

My answer is YES.

You can make your website visitor buy (signup or enquire) when you have these 5 critical elements in your website.

1) Website reflecting the trend
Let us be honest. About 90% of the websites are done once and forgotten since. This gives an old and antiquated feel to your website. When you approach pay per click campaign with your dated website, you cannot expect the potential visitors to be enthused about buying from you. You need a modern and trendy website that reflects this day and age.

2) Website content written from buyer’s angle
Majority of the websites are about me, me and more me. The sad truth though is your customer does not care about you. He only cares about himself. He only wants to know if you have what is required for him from his view. Not from your view. That’s why all your website text should be about them, their problems and how you could help them.

3) Easy to navigate layout
The most used button on a browser is the back button. It’s because so many of the website layouts are so bad it is like entering into maze. Here is one piece of advice from Steve krug, web usability specialist.

“Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to a bare minimum“

4) Most appropriate landing page
It is lunch time. You feel like eating a “chicken sandwich”. There are 2 sandwich shops right next to each other. The 1st shop’s sign post says “chicken sandwich”. You walk inside. When you go to the counter, you realise that they don’t sell chicken sandwiches. Instead they offer you a beef or lamb sandwiches. How do you feel?

You feel cheated. You will turn your back, leave the shop with anger and enter into the shop next door. That’s exactly how visitors feel when they are looking for something and you take them to something remotely similar.

5) Instant customer care
You got the visitor into your website. They have spent about 5 minutes on your website. Now, they have a question about your service (or product). When would they seek the answer? Right then or 24 hours later? The answer is right then. When you have a live person in customer care that could instantly give an answer, you have a 90% better chance of converting the visitor into your customer.

Summary: When you run a pay per click campaign, you must take good care on these 5 critical website elements. When you do so, you not only lead visitors to your website, you will also convert them as customers.

Yes. Now you can lead the horse to water, and also make it drink.

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Rajesh Velayuthasamy

Raj is the managing director at Integra. He lives in Berkshire, UK. He knows how to start a business, how to get a foothold, how to steer it steady and finally how to grow it big. He shares his experience via articles and videos. Feel free to get in touch with him to say hi or to ask any specific question.

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