What your team is ‘whispering’ about you in your absence

If you happen to be a Team Leader, Manager, Boss or anyone who has people working under you, I am sure you have noticed the “whispering” before you walk into office and also when you leave.

Of course, subordinates talk about you in your absence; that is no surprise at all.
But ever wondered what exactly they say about you?

Here’s what the whispering could be about
He did the wrong thing by blasting her in front of everyone

She should keep her temper in check when dealing with the old janitor

He doesn’t know a thing about the project but happens to lead it!

He dozes off at client meetings!

These are actual incidents that happened and that is why people are talking. So instead of taking offense and making a rash decision, maybe you should stop and think. There is no smoke without fire and there is no gossip unless something set it off.

Think about ‘Why he/she said that?’ instead of ‘How dare he/she say that?’
It is most likely an actual reason that prompted it. Think it out and see what you can do to rectify it. If you are not up to date on the happenings of a project, do some serious research on it. If your temper is being talked about, make a conscious effort to control it.

Everything lies in the way you look at it and the manner in which you deal it. The smarter bosses are almost always the master of ‘people situations’. Here is what the smarter bosses are known to do.

What the smarter bosses do
The smarter bosses are the ones who are friends with their subordinates. In fact they are experts at maintaining a balance between the roles of ‘Boss’ and ‘Friend’.  When they play the ‘Friend’, the employees are open about their problems and as the ‘Boss’ he has the position and power to provide solutions for them.

It is as simple as that! When the two roles are played in balance, it is a ‘win-win’ situation for both the boss and the employees. The employees are happy that their problems are being taken care of and the boss is happy to have a productive team and yes! also the ‘good name’.

So practice being a friend when your employees need to be heard, and a boss when you have make the decisions. This does not guarantee the end of the whispering but it ensures that you are in your employee’s good books.


Ganesh is the founder of Integra Global Solutions and Handdy.com. He heads the company’s worldwide business from Pennsylvania, USA. He has over 20 years of experience and in working with many Fortune 500 companies. In building up Handdy.com and its divisions he has picked up several priceless and useful lessons that he is sharing in his blogs. This will be helpful for any business executive.

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