3 ways to retain your employees for life

The other day I hailed a taxi to get to office. A few minutes into the ride, I heard someone singing and it was the driver. As I observed him, he was slightly whistling and singing to himself and when I watched him, I understood. He was obviously enjoying what he was doing. I asked him if he liked his job and he replied that he loved it and driving is what he would choose again if he went back a few years.

That got me thinking about the importance of loving the job you do. As a person running a business, I had to make sure that the people I hire love what they do. As their employer I had certain responsibilities to do the things that are possible from my end. This is how this article came about.

How to make sure your employees enjoy work
Money is not the only factor that drives a person to work. For a person who has to work to get his next meal, money would perhaps be the biggest and only motivation. But for someone for whom the basic necessities are already taken care of, there are several other factors apart from money that drive them to work. How do you identify these factors and motivate your employees?

Here are 3 major areas in which you could motivate any employee and retain them.

Giving them the space they deserve
The most common mistake that most employers do is interfere with the employee’s work after assigning the job to him. When they interfere, it means that they have no confidence in the person who is entrusted with the job. That is not healthy.

It is important to give your subordinates the space they deserve and most importantly not interfere with what they do unless your interference is called for. Following up is okay, but not interfering. You can also give them the chance to voice their ideas and implement them if you think that would contribute to improving your business.

Ensuring comfortable office atmosphere
The office is where your employees spend most of their day. From comfortable chairs to good, healthy food at the canteen, you can do your best at making these amenities available, as much as your budget will allow you to. You do not have to give them luxury, but basic comforts that will help them perform well should do the trick.

Appropriate rewards and incentives
If you make a person believe that they are special to you, then that is the biggest motivation you can ever offer them. If your employees are good, be honest and give them the rewards and awards they deserve.
In my company, I sincerely believe that we take the right efforts to acknowledge an employee’s performance. We award profit sharing to all teams; we give away awards to employees who have stayed with the company for more than 2 years, 4 years and so on.

Nothing irritates an employee more than not receiving their pay on time; we make sure we never make that huge mistake. We pay them on time and award increments to deserving candidates at the right time. I also know of several private companies that offer pension to employees who have served the company for a long time.

Human resource is hard to obtain; when you have found skilful people, it is necessary to devise ways, whatever is possible as an employer, to make sure they love their work, just like the taxi driver who loved his.


Ganesh is the founder of Integra Global Solutions and Handdy.com. He heads the company’s worldwide business from Pennsylvania, USA. He has over 20 years of experience and in working with many Fortune 500 companies. In building up Handdy.com and its divisions he has picked up several priceless and useful lessons that he is sharing in his blogs. This will be helpful for any business executive.

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