Six Must Have Skills for Truly Smart Bots

These skills are required for truly smart bots able to work in tandem with humans

6 skills for smart Bots


Knowledge and Insight
– Extract data from multiple sources
– Comprehend it
– Spot patterns and trends in written text
– Convert communications into to-do lists
– Allocate tasks efficiently.

Planning and Sequencing
– Bots use standard processes
– Interchange info wih legacy systems
– Bots used to optimize workloads.

Visual Perception
– Bots should “read,” and contextualize images
– Use any application like a human
– Understand image data and documents.

– Communicate with human co-workers & bots
– End-to-end automation of business processes

– Adapt to scenarios that need changes
– Extrapolate context cues from data models.

Problem Solving
– Solve logic problems without human guidance
– Handle business and system problems

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