Live Web Chat – Do’s and Don’ts

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For most companies, Live Web-chat is an instrumental channel for client communication. The main goal of live chat support is to help the customer with the required assistance. It can be for various things like placing an order, setting up, fixing or replacing a product, scheduling an appointment and so on. Here are some Live Web Chat – Do’s and Don’ts that will turn the chat into a memorable experience and will make the customer loyal to your brand for a lifetime.

Indicate the times when you are available:
Are your chat representatives available only during regular business hours? Make sure you state that on your chat box. Sometimes, your visitors might be international. So, you can use analytics to determine the time when most people visit your website.

Don’t be too robotic:
The main point of having live chat available is to provide the maximum support to the customers and help them improve their shopping experience. The robotic responses can kill the effectiveness of live chat. Connect with them and respond to their needs effectively.

Try to boost up your social:
If you are getting positive feedbacks from the visitors through live chat, nicely remind your visitors to Like/Follow your social media pages and leave a comment on it. This may help your business to attract more audience to achieve your goal.

Do not delay to respond:
Your potential customers require instant information to be delivered to them quickly and efficiently. Your live chat should allow your online customers to satisfy their needs while they are browsing your website and before they leave to a competitor’s website. So make sure you don’t keep them waiting for too long.

Build customer trust in your business:
Your live chat should help in building customer trust and confidence in your business’ products and services. Respond to your customers in a short and concise manner. Try to put a smile on every customer’s face with your cheerful and polite responses.

Do not use ‘YES’/’NO’ replies:
Always make sure you give the visitors a clear response. If they ask you anything specifically, give them ‘yes’ or ‘no’ replies by elaborating on it. Using one to respond will make the visitor feel uncomfortable and disinterested.

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