Advertisement mistakes lesson 1 – Renault Twingo

How to spend lot of money and successfully alienate people?

Renault twingo – newspaper advertisement

This is the full page advertisement in today’s (14th September, 2015) national newspapers for Renault’s new small car Twingo. I wonder who wrote this clever, creative and utter waste of an advertising piece. I wonder which creative editor approved this to go to print

Must be one of those overpriced Paris/London/Madrid based creative agencies who are just paid for their expensive time (with no accountability for their work whatsoever).

Let us dissect some points from this masterpiece:

Go anywhere, Go everywhere – What does it even mean? a clever way of saying “GET LOST”?

5 doors as standard for easy access – Are you really serious? You are trying to sell your 5 door feature with the full frontal picture of a 3 door car.

R&Go smartphone navigation app included – How sad? Don’t you have any other feature other than a smartphone app to sell your wonderful new car?

Renault summer season – Are you kidding? Today is 14th of September. Not 1st of April. It is almost autumn.

Here is the best bit:
Renault Twingo: Top gear magazine awards 2014, city car of the year – The only best bit about the car is carefully hidden so that nobody ever get to see it.

Whoever wrote/approved this ad can be consulted for how to waste other people’s money and successfully alienate/insult/infuriate people (potential customers). I wonder if this work is the result of Renault’s internal marketing department or an external agency?

My advice to Renault: Please assign a straight thinking, practical person (not a clever, twisted geek) to VET/Approve your advertisements before it goes to print.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy

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