Why computer servicing is essential just like your car servicing? (especially for small businesses)

computer servicing is essential like car servicing

Servicing help extend its life

Why do you service your car?

— To check the oil
— To check the tyres
— To check the brakes
— To replace any worn out parts
— And to get an expert opinion and advice

Regular servicing will make sure it is road safe. It will also extend the life of your car. So if regular maintenance can extend the life of your car. Why not your computer?

Yes. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your computer. Also it will

— Reduce it’s noise
— Increase the boot-up speed
— Optimise the performance
— Makes sure your data is backed-up
— And you get an expert’s opinion

Who can do computer maintenance?
The computer maintenance should be performed by a computer technician who knows everything about your computer. Just like your car mechanic. They will check all the regular things in your computer and make sure that everything is alright. The technician will use specific tools that will aid them to do the work quick.

How often should maintenance be performed?
If you regularly use your computer then once in 3 months is optimal. If not then once in 6 months is deemed sufficient. It will take between 2 and 4 hours for each service.

How to book your computer for service?
There are several remote computer servicing companies, who when you sign up will book you in a time slot and will do the regular servicing once every few months. They can service using a remote connection and so you don’t need to take your computer to them. All you have to do is just connect your computer to the internet and let them access your computer for servicing.

How much does computer maintenance cost?
There are companies that do computer maintenance service from just $8 a month. If you consider the results it is definitely worth the expenditure. However, you will have to shop around the internet to find a good deal and a good company.

You cannot afford to risk not servicing your car. It is too dangerous and can put your life at risk. Likewise, if you care about the safety of your personal or business data stored in your computer, you cannot afford to risk not regularly servicing your computer.

In our company, www.globalintegra.com we carry out a scheduled maintenance program on all our computers and servers. This helps extends the life of computers and also help us to increase our employee productivity and efficiency.

At the moment, we do not offer remote PC maintenance as a service to other companies. However, we help a few of our clients (on request) with maintaining their computers, servers and speed optimisation. This is just one of our ways to say, thank you for your business, we will help you in every little way possible to support your business.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy

Raj is the managing director at Integra. He lives in Berkshire, UK. He knows how to start a business, how to get a foothold, how to steer it steady and finally how to grow it big. He shares his experience via articles and videos. Feel free to get in touch with him to say hi or to ask any specific question.

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