3 books I recommend for every business owner

1. Non Designers Design Book – Robin Williams
Fundamentals of design beautifully explained through simple language and numerous picture examples. This is the type of book you can quickly read and absorb everything. Good and bad design examples will live in your memory forever. You can pick up lot of design tips without taxing yourself too much.

It is a must read if you deal with things like managing your newsletter, brochure, visiting card, letter head or website. This book will instantly transform you from being a design novice to a design critic.

2. The Brain Audit – Sean D’Souza
This marketing book from Sean is a breath of fresh air. Sean’s brain auditing technique is deceptively simple.

There is no marketing fluff, just sound advice with examples and case studies so that you can implement the ideas yourself. I have implemented all the strategies myself and I have seen them work. The ideas are equally relevant from small start-ups to large corporations.

The Brain Audit is a complete system that enables you to understand what’s going on inside the brain of your customer. It’s a system that is based on a deep understanding of how our mind works. It shows you the bags inside your customer’s brain. It gives you an understanding of how the brain responds to specific psychological triggers. And it speeds up the sales process, without the need to be pushy.

3. Good to Great – Jim Collins
This book is about how good organisations make the leap from being a good organisation to a truly great organisation. The book thoughtfully captures results of a 5 year research done on 10’s of truly great companies. Rigorously supported by evidence, his findings are surprising – at times even shocking – to the modern mind.

The book is well structured, easy on the eye, provides excellent examples. There are many simple and effective concepts that can be easily applied to any size of company. This book is must for anyone who wishes to build a truly great company.

I recommend all the 3 books for business owners and key decision makers in an organization. The wisdom and insights I gained from these 3 books played a very significant role in helping me grow Integra from being a start-up to a 300 Employee Company within 6 years.

Happy reading and wish you good luck and success in your business. If you have questions, please email me directly and I would be glad to hear from you.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy

Rajesh Velayuthasamy

Raj is the managing director at Integra. He lives in Berkshire, UK. He knows how to start a business, how to get a foothold, how to steer it steady and finally how to grow it big. He shares his experience via articles and videos. Feel free to get in touch with him to say hi or to ask any specific question.

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