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Social media marketing services

Would you like help marketing your business in social media? We can help you.

Over 1 billion people are using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. People use it and share information with their friends, family and colleagues. A good majority of your potential customers are amongst this social media audience.

Just imagine them talking about your business. How much more exposure would you get out of it? How much more business you will win? That's why you should use social media today.

Why use social media for your business

Why use social media for your business

  • Your customers can easily recommend you to their friends and colleagues
  • You can show that your business has a face to it and a personal side
  • Actively engage in one to one relationships with customers and prospects
  • A great means to create brand awareness
  • A platform to manage your business reputation
  • Portray your expertise with prospects
  • Connect with loads of potential customers

However maintaining social media for business is a specialised task which needs a lot of expertise. We can do this for you so that don't have to spend your time and effort on social media marketing.

Our social media marketers are specialists who are aware of all latest social media developments and how to make social media work for your business.

Why social media marketing for your business

  • Your social media presence brings instant trust to your business
  • 3 out of 10 people use social media to select a product or service
  • People in your social media circle are twice more likely to buy from you (than those who are not)
  • You can reach your "exact" target customers via social media
  • Word of mouth marketing is now taken over by Social media

How would we handle social media for you

  • We will learn and thoroughly understand your business
  • We will create a social media strategy specifically for your business
  • We will create a 6 month social media plan
  • Our aim is to get many new customers to buy your product or service
  • We will devise strategies to create repeat purchase opportunities
  • We will ask your customers to share positive reviews about your business
  • You will in turn get additional business and the cycle continues

What social media tasks we would do for you

  • Create your custom social media strategy
  • Setup your social media business pages (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,)
  • Get your permanent social media business address (URL)
  • Design relevant cover images
  • Get likes, shares and followers
  • Build your fan base
  • Create and manage appropriate content
  • Share content to fans and followers
  • Write regular status updates
  • Manage advertisement campaigns
  • Design and add relevant pictures or videos
  • Search and share relevant industry specific news articles periodically
  • Create questions and polls relevant to your business
  • Encourage fans to post recommendations
  • Influence fans to interact and share your information
  • Delete spam posts
  • Reply back to comments and likes
  • And lots more

We are here to help you achieve success via social media. We will customize your social media plan based on your specific needs and your budget. Our social media marketing rates are affordable even for small businesses.

More importantly, we have helped several businesses achieve success using social media. We would be glad to help you as well. Just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss your social media marketing options.

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