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Why work at Integra?

Integra Global Solutions is a Business Process Outsourcing company headquartered in the US, with branches in the UK and Coimbatore. We are always looking for talented people to work at our Coimbatore offices.

We get busier by the day with scores of new projects flowing in. Several features of the city (Coimbatore) such as the location, climate, quality educational institutions, etc play a significant part in making Coimbatore a good destination for people who want to work in the exciting BPO industry.

All this means is that you have a better chance of finding a fulfilling, well paying job in this city – particularly Integra. We might have a place for you that you would not want to miss!

Contact us right away if you are looking for such a job– you have nothing to lose!


Integra offices are located in prime areas (Ganapathy and Avinashi Road) that are well connected. Transport should be the least of your concern, almost one in two buses go through these areas. If you have a question regarding transportation, call us right away.

Work environment

A very pleasant environment and interiors designed in good taste welcomes you when you enter the office. Our offices are centrally air conditioned to ensure a pleasant and cool weather conditions even during harshest Indian summers. You are provided with everything you might possibly need to work. There are spacious cabins for members of a team - a structure that ensures both transparency and at the same time offers you space for some privacy.

We have locker facilities for every employee. You will be assigned a locker in which you can keep your belongings. The office is also equipped with a spacious parking lot.

Cab facilities

Cab facilities are provided to the female staffs who work during the night shifts. All female staff who work during the night shifts are safely dropped at their doorstep (within Coimbatore) by a driver accompanies by a security. Our security person would also ensure they get an authorized signature from the parent/guardian every time they drop off the employee at their doorstep. This ensures a 100% safety and peace of mind to the parents.

Events, parties and more!

We also organize functions that allow our staff to socialize and have some fun! Our events range from Christmas celebrations, Pongal celebrations, Diwali celebrations, Ramzan celebrations to corporate events. We also do once a year company outing to exotic locations. These functions also serve as a platform for our employees to display their talents, interests and skills. Take a look at a few photographs of our events and outings here!

Lamenting, complaining and other

There is no such thing called a perfect system – any system will have minor flaws in it. A system that we devise for a group of 50 will perhaps suit 48 and the remaining 2 may have problems with it. We understand this – if you have any concerns or complaints regarding any issue, you can always approach our friendly human resources team. They are always ready to listen to you and try to work out a solution.

Employee benefits and schemes

  • Competitive salaries
  • Unique profit sharing plan
  • Flexible hours
  • Pension Fund and ESI
  • Health insurance options
  • Vision and dental campaigns

If you are looking for a job that you like doing and a pleasant, healthy work environment, Integra should be one of the names on the top of your list. Call us right away to join us! Or send in your resume to!

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