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Mobile apps development service

Mobile apps development

Do you want to build mobile apps on budget and distribute it on time? You have come to right place. We have experience of designing and developing mobile software applications on all the popular mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft windows mobile.

We have built mobile apps for various industries including finance, accounting, education, training, retail, gaming and healthcare.

What platforms we develop apps?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

Our expertise in mobile apps

Apple iOS

  • Framework: Titanium framework
  • Development and designing: JavaScript
  • Conceptual: Integrating with modules, cloud services (push notification)

Windows mobile

  • Design: Silverlight
  • Development: C#
  • Conceptual: Integrating third party controls like Sharp GIS, Sharpziblib, geo-coordinates and push notification

Native Android

  • Design: Xml
  • Development: Core Java
  • Conceptual: Google Map V2, Push notification (GCM)

All three mobile technologies require knowledge on SQL Lite, accessing web services and parsing XML, JSON data etc.,

Why Integra for your mobile apps development?

Why Integra?

  • Experience on working with all mobile platforms
  • Truly competitive price for a great service
  • Local presence in US and UK
  • Experience of working with small and midsized businesses
  • We update our skills constantly and our apps are built future proof
  • Ability to finish projects within deadlines and on budget

We have the experience of working with midsized businesses and so we understand the importance of developing mobile apps software within strict timelines and more importantly on budget. Even though we develop mobile software apps on a budget, the quality of our work is truly world class.

Our rate for designing and developing mobile app is affordable even for small businesses. We have several happy customers and reference applications for you to see. We would be glad to have you added to our list of happy customers.

Just get in touch with us, and we look forward to discussing your mobile app requirements.

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