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Graphic and web design services

Graphic & web design services

We take great care and pride in creating designs that our customers are proud to show off. We can create any form of design for you on a budget and on time. We do every type of designs including web designs, brochure, logo, stationery and lots more.

We understand the importance of designs working seamlessly online and offline. That's why our designers would create the design concepts to beautifully translate across both the mediums. Our aim is to make your designs refreshingly stand out from your competition.

What designs can we do for you?

  • Web designs
  • Brochure designs
  • Logo designs
  • Stationery designs
  • Exhibition material designs
  • Stickers and signage
  • Hoarding designs
  • Display ad designs
  • Promotional material designs
  • Book cover designs
  • Restaurant menu designs
  • Leaflet designs
  • Facebook banner designs
  • Twitter page designs
  • Branding and themes
  • Other customer designs

What makes Integra standout from others?

Most design studios compromise on the quality of their designs due to time or budget pressures. We never cave in to budget or time pressures because good design is what makes us standout from the rest. We passionately care about good designs and good design is backbone to our business success.

Our designers work tirelessly to be 100% creative, original, trendy and modern. Getting the right look and feel for your brand is what we do best. We sketch out the designs by hand first. Our designers would get into designing in computer only after we are thoroughly confident about our hand drawn sketches.

Why Integra for your design needs?

  • World class designs at truly competitive rates
  • You get designers who are truly passionate about producing beautiful designs
  • You only get really great designs because we ourselves are critics of our designs
  • You would get designs that are modern and trendy
  • Unlimited design revisions till you (and us) are 100% happy
  • We update our skills continuously and our designs are created to be future proof

If you are looking for a great designing service at affordable price and timely delivery contact us now.

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