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Social media marketing:why we should do it for you?

Find out why Integra should manage your social media marketing!… Read more

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2 social media rules that are as good as FORGOTTEN

Check out the video to know what you might be missing on your social media marketing efforts! … Read more

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Social media disasters that can be avoided – and those that cannot

The year 2012 has seen a handful of social media mishaps.  Some of them are just unfortunate wrong-time-wrong place disasters while there are a few others that could have been avoided but for carelessness and indifference.… Read more

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Learning time management from the Masterchefs!

Have you watched the MasterChef series? It’s a popular reality show on Star World and many people’s favorite, mine too.  Contestants are required to not only make tasty food, but they are required to make tasty food quickly.

There … Read more

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What’s wrong in this seemingly good webpage?

Well the answer is
1) There are 2 headlines that clash with each other and so no singular focus
2) The headline has too many conjunctions. It is hard to understand.… Read more

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The 1 thing every successful marketing campaign has in common!

Check out this video to learn about the AIDA marketing model. This principle is applied in our telemarketing efforts as well. To know more about our Telemarketing wing, visit our website Read more

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Can you get paid for having some fun?

Work, for most people these days, is synonymous with stress. Sadly not many people love what they do.

But imagine doing something you really like and getting paid for it. Of course something legal 😉

You wake up every morning … Read more

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What Telemarketing has in Common with Theatre!

Check out the video to know how we at Telestar approach Telemarketing. For more about Telestar, visit our website Read more

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How to choose the right colour for your brand using Colour Psychology

We at Integra use Colour Psychology for designing our websites.  Check out our latest website to see how we implemented this.… Read more

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