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Good customer service = Box of chocolates + Beautiful card + Happiness all around

Plain and simple. Good customer service means so much for every customer.

Note of thanks = Unlimited happiness

Kindly worded note of thanks = Unlimited happiness

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How apple get their advertisements absolutely right? (….again and again)

Most advertisements these days are either in your face, dull, drab or mediocre. Only a few advertisements truly standout. Among them, Apple is one company whose advertisements always stands out from the crowd.… Read more

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Advertisement mistakes lesson 1 – Renault Twingo

How to spend lot of money and successfully alienate people?

Renault twingo – newspaper advertisement

This is the full page advertisement in today’s (14th September, 2015) national newspapers for Renault’s new small car Twingo. I wonder who wrote this clever, creative and utter waste of an advertising piece. I wonder … Read more

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Why computer servicing is essential just like your car servicing? (especially for small businesses)

computer servicing is essential like car servicing

Servicing help extend its life

Why do you service your car?

— To check the oil
— To check the tyres
— To check the brakes
— To replace any worn out parts
— And to get an expert opinion … Read more

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Why we should give time for Mr. Narendra Modi – The prime minister?

ModiWe must give Narendra Modi, the prime minister time for just one reason – Narendra Modi, is a Gujarati. And he is running India like a Gujarati* businessman. We know the success ratio of Gujarati businessmen. It always hovers around … Read more

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My experience with the speed awareness course

My new year 2015 started with the dreaded letter from the west mercia police. I was caught speeding on the M-5 motorway on the New Year’s Day. I was apparently speeding on my way to Birmingham on a road works … Read more

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Seeing is Believing!

If a picture can speak a thousand words, a video can convey a lot more!

As a business owner you need to think smart and think creative at the same time. We live in this Contemporary Era, when Internet users … Read more

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5 essential website elements for a successful AdWords marketing campaign


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” – old English proverb

When you run AdWords pay per click marketing campaign you can get the potential customer to your website. But, can you make them … Read more

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3 books I recommend for every business owner

1. Non Designers Design Book – Robin Williams
Fundamentals of design beautifully explained through simple language and numerous picture examples.… Read more

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Bookkeeping outsourcing: how we make it easy for small businesses

Bookkeeping outsourcing: how we make it easy for small businesses… Read more

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