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How to set multiple options in customer care without irritating them

Businesses want their customers to be very happy with their product or service. They strive very hard to please them.  Many businesses go over the top to pamper them. Just like how we want to please our kids. We take … Read more

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So you got fooled by an ad, too?

I was browsing online the other day when an advertisement for a video game CD caught my attention. It said how it was a piece of cake for me to order it online.  … Read more

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How to disaster-proof customer support

Did you know that child psychology could help you serve your customers better? Click on “Continue Reading” and watch the video!

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The reason why most businesses are failures even before they begin

If you have been living in the same city for a minimum of two years I am sure you would have noticed many businesses come and go even before you are used to seeing them.  … Read more

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How small businesses can sell more (without stretching their budget)

Several businesses, big and small, are constantly looking for different ways to sell their products. For example, advertising is a great way to make the TG aware of products in the market. You enter a shopping mall and you see … Read more

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When do you fire a customer?

Yes, you read it right. The headline does say “fire” a customer.
“Dear Mrs. Crabapple, We will miss you. Love, Herb”… Read more

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