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Announcing: Integra Global Solutions Corp Rebranding!

Our all-new logo is here, and website will follow soon…

Integra New Logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of expansion of our services and to solidify our stance as an established corporate. Together with the … Read more

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How to overcome the fear of the tax man?

Some small business owners live in perpetual fear of tax authorities. Their thermometer could go haywire the night before the tax audit! Some businesses even miss their accounting deadlines. The reason for this fear is mostly associated with inaccurate bookkeeping.… Read more

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The story behind our new logo

In 2010,  we were 6 years old and we started a mission to transform Integra from “good to great”. A few of the steps towards this was empowerment of our staff and implementation of “profit sharing” initiative that would significantly … Read more

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What is SEO? Learn from Little Tim!

Little Tim was very happy!

He had won a game with friends and his reward was a marble. The small round marble meant big to him – he loved to play with it. … Read more

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How to calm an angry customer down in less than 30 seconds

“Come, let’s punish the floor”, said Mama to the injured child…
Kids slip and fall all the time, don’t they? They often lose balance while running or walking and fall down. And they get hurt and cry.… Read more

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Top 5 financial mistakes every business should avoid

You can’t teach an old dog a new trick.
It is almost impossible – because it is adamant not to learn anything new and continues to do what it has learned in its early years.… Read more

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What your babysitter can teach you about dealing with customers

Have you ever seen babies in business suits? The idea seems a little weird, doesn’t it?

Yet you see them all day and you do business with them. You would not get your bread and butter but for those babies … Read more

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Are you committing this fatal error in your business?

If you decide to end your life, God forbid, there are several ways to do it. You could pull a noose around your neck. You could swallow a pill or jump off a hill. (You could take your girlfriend shopping … Read more

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Has your start-up business fallen for the “Sorry Seven”?

A start-up company is like a premature baby. A premature baby typically spends several days or even weeks in an incubator.… Read more

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How to cut down your bookkeeping expenses by 60%?

Have you ever played stress buster games online? Apparently, they are very popular and have several million fans. The objective of the games is to relieve the players of stress.… Read more

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