5 Bookkeeping Tools perfect for small businesses

5 Bookkeeping Tools perfect for small businesses

Technological development has changed the way we do business forever. Today we seek the help of technology to run our day to day business needs smoother and turn more profit. Bookkeeping is one of the key places that have really made difference for business owners. With the help of a perfect bookkeeping tool, you can save money, save time, focus on your goals, work independent and moreover you can gain efficient performance. Adopting perfect software for your business is essential for every business’ to meet success. Here are some accounting tools that offer better security and does smart bookkeeping.

  • QuickBooks Online

This online version is popular desktop accounting software that allows you to work 24*7 efficiently.

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Why Paraplanning Outsourcing is Recommended for Financial Advisers

Why ParaplanningHave you heard of the term Paraplanning? Any idea what it could mean? A new concept of the financial industry, Paraplanning focuses on the administrative tasks required for businesses. These administrative duties are usually handled by the financial planners. They also manage product research, asset allocation, fund selection, report writing etc. As financial planning is a major part for businesses, it is important for you to choose a paraplanner who can manage all of your business finances.

Paraplanning can be either in-housed or outsourced. Why Paraplanning outsourcing is recommended for financial advisers? What are the benefits? Outsourcing your paraplanning is a good alternative and here is a short insight about the advantages of Paraplanning outsourcing.

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6 Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Accounting Tool

Accounting software

Life is now made easier with the introduction of accounting system that helps you keep tab on the monetary flow of your business. Choosing the right accounting software is an important business decision. All accounting softwares are not suitable for every business. Your accounting software should have the tools required to meet your business accounting needs. You can choose the right software by identifying the areas you want the accounting software to improve. Here are a few factors to consider while choosing your accounting tool.

  • Get a user-friendly software
  • It’s more than frustrating to have an accounting system that requires rocket science to use it properly.

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    Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

    book (1)

    Wondering about the roles performed by a bookkeeper and an accountant? A bookkeeper and an accountant perform some of the similar daily tasks. Some of the bookkeeper’s tasks include maintaining accounting records, posting credits and debits, generating client’s invoices, handling payroll and a lot more. Accountants have good educational background than a bookkeeper and they perform billing, ledger entries, daily financial entries, tax calculation and a lot more.

    Here is an Infographic representation which will give you an insight on bookkeepers and accountants.

    globalintegra-book-acc (1)

    If you are in search of an outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting company? We can help you experience the best and most effective bookkeeping and accounting services with us.

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    4 Reasons you need Bookkeeping Services

    bookkeeping services

    With the Tax Day around the corner, are you looking for Bookkeeping help? It is the best step towards achieving a future growth and keeping your expenses organized. If you are planning to develop your firm you should probably consider hiring a bookkeeping firm. Here are 4 reasons you need bookkeeping services.

    Better use of time:
    With the help of professional bookkeeping services, you can use your valuable time for other company needs. Bookkeeping requires a lot of precious time even if you are running a small business. Day to day bookkeeping is heavy distraction that having your bookkeeping in-house can lead to a conflict of interests.

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    Ways to transfer invoices to your offshore team

    ways of transferring invoices

    Invoice processing is a crucial task that every business owners hates at the end of the month. You might land up with a low score of customer satisfaction if you make mistakes in the invoices. It is essential to calculate the invoice every single month without any delay.

    The best way to handle your invoice processing is to outsource it. It is really beneficial if you outsource to an invoice processing expert instead of buying expensive software yourself.  Here are few methods by which you can easily transfer the invoice details:

    Emailing: Assume you already hired an outsourcing company to create your invoice.

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    Why outsourced accounting is growing rapidly

    Wondering why outsourced accounting is trending in today’s world. Many companies are looking for methods that can cut down their costs. Among that one approach is to outsource accounting services to external specialists. Outsourcing accounting is a major area which is growing rapidly that helps both the large and small business sectors.


    Outsourcing accounting work may cover various functions that are directly tied to your organization. They can help you with services like

    • Payroll calculations
    • Administrative accounting
    • Tax planning
    • Maintaining accounting and tax records
    • Accounting advice, and a lot more

    Choosing an outsourcing company can offer you various potential benefits. Here are some good reasons about why outsourcing accounting service is desirable.

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    This is how a branding kit impacts your business

    What is branding and why is it important? Branding is one of the most important factors for a business’ marketing and the key to a business’ success. Apart from branding, branding kit is an important factor that helps you make an identity. Branding kit includes right from logo, letter heads, envelopes and stamps to other promotional materials and a lot more. It helps your company to express what it is. Your brand can describe everything about your products or services.

    001 (2)

    Wondering how branding kit impacts your business? Here are a few points which will let you know its importance.

    Promotes recognition
    With the promotional branding materials people can easily recognize your brand which helps them feel ease in purchasing your products or services.

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    5 Ways virtual marketing can transform your business


    Wondering if you should allocate dollars for virtual marketing? Is it the best marketing technique that exists? Today, internet has allowed marketers to promote their business by communicating directly with the customers in ways never before possible. Virtual marketing has fostered more customer centric strategies that promote your business effectively than past traditional methods. Check out some obvious benefits of virtual marketing that can transform your business.

    Professionally done product presentations

    The ability to create professionally done product presentations and demonstration is the best advantage that the internet provides. With the internet, you can provide everything a customer needs in a standard professional format with graphically sophisticated demonstrations with the required details.

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    This New Year story totally warmed our hearts…

    Have you ever come across stories that have warmed your hearts? A story that made you feel it’s worth the read. A story that makes you feel there are so many good people around you. Here are two such inspirational ones that will totally swipe you off your feet.

    Story behind the Odd-Sox
    Have you ever thrown out your odd socks? This Odd-Sox story is all about two 10 year old girls who collect odd socks. Their aim is to provide socks to all those who suffer in winter and make sure they have a warm feet. When you have warm feet in the cold weather, it makes your whole body warm.

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